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How To ELEVATE your BRAND with confidence!
Say goodbye to boring branding, and walk into your next chapter of success with a unique, follow-worthy brand to match!
Fabienne Azor Narcisse
Brand Stylist & Web Designer
Hey Girl!
I’m writing this letter to you today because I want to share with you an important message.

After working with many female entrepreneurs, who like yourself, have “JUMPED” into their calling and successfully turned their passion into their full time career... Get it Girl!!!


You haven’t taken the time to professionally create a Brand for your business because everything took off so quickly, you didn't realize in the beginning the importance of Branding.


You’re generating a consistent amount of income and clientele, and discovered a DIY budget approach for branding, but now you aren’t pleased with the outcome and embarrassed to share your website and social media.

Then sis, this will be the most important letter you’ll read all year.

Here's Why...
What if I told you that I truly believe I know the solution that will effortlessly help you communicate with your audience, set yourself apart from others in your industry, and validate your expertise and success.  
Without having to…

>> Take time out of working on your business, spending countless hours online looking for DIY Design tutorials…

>> Feel embarrassed about not having a solid brand identity that is consistently showcased throughout your online presence. 


Having a constant feeling that clients may reconsider booking you after viewing your current website or social media.

Instead, you will…

>> Confidently attract your clients to your business as the GO-TO service they need.

>> Consistently exhibit a high quality visual brand identity across your online presence that will help elevate your business to another level of success.

Girl I’m talking about taking all the hard work you’ve put into your business all its success, and creating a brand that screams “I AM THE ONE”!!!

You didn’t work this hard, and come this far to have a basic brand representing your business now did you?
My name is Fabienne 
( Fab, Fabie, or even better Fabulous for short!)

Ever since I’ve developed my FAB branding framework 
( yes, I named it after me) 

I’ve been able to help transform brands from dull, tacky, and boring, to memorable, powerful, professional and unique.

Even with a Degree in Design and a corporate Design job for a well known global company, I knew that I had to share my expertise and help my sister entrepreneurs who are killin’ it in their businesses, create powerful, luxury brands that would help elevate their businesses. 

Girl, design is my passion! My extensive experience and knowledge has made it possible for me to help female entrepreneurs take away the stress and insecurities they face when it comes to branding and design for their businesses. 

I find so much joy when I see how excited my clients are to finally be able to match their success with a brand that effortlessly speaks directly to their audience. My clients have so much confidence using their custom suite of graphics with a bomb website to match.

...And just hearing my ladies say “YASSSSSSS” when I reveal their new brand  

Motivates me to keep doing what I love everyday!!
I remember working with a client who turned her “Passion into her Paycheck” and started a business doing what she loved. 

She’s well known in her industry, has great credibility, and is able to maintain her business. Sis was doin’ her thing!

But she came to me because as she continued to see success in her business she realized that she reached a point where her business was missing something.

It was missing a brand that matched her level of success.

She had no logo.

She didn’t have a website.

Her social media was filled with all kinds of images that weren’t consistent with the look and feel she wanted for her business.

She had so much of her expertise to share but didn’t know how to package it to visually appeal to her audience. 

One of the things she pointed out to me was that she didn’t realize how important branding was for her business. 

We talked about how not having a solid brand that can keep up with your success can hurt the future of your business. 

During her Brand Assessment, we discussed what she was missing, and how we can fix it all using my brand elevation framework.

After that point, it was LIT!!!

I gathered information about her business goals, vision, mission, core values, and more. Focused on her ideal client and their needs. 
And translated this all into a Powerful BRAND!

I’m gonna keep it real with you sis, trying to scale your business to the next level, or even to a six figure level 
'cause I know you're a boss lady on a mission!

>>If you can’t tell, I love Giphys lol…<<

...And I love seeing my sister entrepreneurs, making boss lady moves in their businesses. Especially when they have and brand that matches their success!

But basic and boring won’t get you there sis.  

So what do I do?
Ok sis, are you ready for your brand to be a scroll stopper?!
Then my personalized Brand Elevation Assessment will get you going in the right direction.

Claiming your expert status and reaching a six figure level of success is A LOT easier when:

>> Your brand colors, logo, and graphics are in sync with your brand personality

>> Your website attracts your clients with ease.

...And Your Brand overall *two snaps* is something you can brag about girl!  


Since you’ve already taken action and are here reading this right now…
I’m pretty confident you’re an action taker, and we definitely have something in common. 

Because of that, I want to invite you to have a FREE personalized Brand Elevation Assessment…


I’m making myself available to a limited number of action takers like yourself, where I’ll jump on a call with you and:

>> figure out some of the things that are damaging your brand and its future. 

>> identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and how to maintain consistency.

>> Discuss how we can level up your brand to match your success. 
So you can not only claim your expert status but have the complete brand to match! 

At this point, it’s really important to know why I’m making myself available to you for free… 

…and not charging you my regular hourly rate of $300 for a coaching call. 
The first reason is because this is my passion. 

And, in fact, it’s actually more than just a passion to me, I believe it's part of my purpose. 

Helping female entrepreneurs make their dream brands become a reality what is what it’s all about….


If at the end of your Brand Elevation Assessment... 

I feel I can help you and that you might be a good fit for one of my programs…. 

I can discuss with you what that looks like and if you’d like to take it a step further... so we can work together more closely. 

You’re also free to leave at the end of the call, with everything we discussed and better understanding of what you need to create a consistent client magnet brand for your business.

Now, as you can imagine, I’ll get A LOT of interest from this letter because of how many people will be reading it... 

So it’s important you read this next part very carefully…

This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone.
I can only help a specific type of coach and consultant on these Profit Plan Calls. 

So, in order for me to help, you need to meet this fairly stringent (but achievable) criteria. 

>> First, you need to have a legitimate business… 

>> In the coaching, consulting or professional services space. 

>> Personal brands, authors, speakers, high ticket service providers.
>> That means unfortunately no network marketers or e-commerce stores. 

>> The next criteria is that you need to already have some level of momentum. 

>> Which means you are already advertising or are open to advertising in your business…. 

>> Or you are currently coaching or consulting with clients in some capacity. 

>> Finally and most importantly....you must now be ready to take things to the next level as a female entrepreneur.

If this sounds like you, then it’s your turn to decide sis… 

Say yes, and CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW and let us go through a brand elevation assessment tailored to identify your brand needs.

But I must warn you, my time and capacity is a factor. 

So this opportunity is extremely limited. 


Because of the intense one-one-one time needed for these brand elevation assessment calls.... 

Now at this point, I’m sure you’re excited about joining me for a FREE Brand Elevation Assessment…

But there also might be a few questions holding you back from making the right decision for you and your business. 

I want to help answer that for you now :-)

Question #1: What stage of business should I be in? 

Such a great question... 

To be honest, it doesn’t matter. 
All you need to know is how you help people (your Genius Zone)... whether you’ve been operating in that for 25 years, or you’ve never had a client, that part is not important. As long as you’re a hardcore action taker with a Genius Zone at hand, you’ll be able to take everything we discuss during the brand elevation assessment call and have a clear understanding on what you need to create a fierce and powerful brand for your business. 

Question #2: How long will the call last? 
You’ll have 45 mins with me - a good chunk of time, I know! 
All you’ll need is a paper and pen, and a can do attitude - of course. 
You can also schedule the call in YOUR timezone (you’ll see that on the booking page), so hopefully you can find a slot that works perfectly for you. 

Question #3: Do I need to do anything to prepare? 
Just a little bit. I’ll send you through an application form - it’s basically just a questionnaire. That will help both you AND me prepare for the call, so we can jump straight into the nitty gritty together and not waste time :-) 
This application form is a prerequisite of the call, so if I don’t receive it before your scheduled appointment, we’ll have to cancel your call. It’s unfortunately a sign that you’re not an action taker, so please take the time to fill out your short application form as soon as you register. 

Question #4: How long is this opportunity available for? 
I can’t say an exact time or date. This is only available until all the spots are filled, and you’ll be able to see that when you hit the calendar page to book. But from experience, it won’t be available for long. 

So, with that being said.... 

Please understand that the window of opportunity to secure one of these limited spots... won’t be open for long. 

When they’re gone, they’re gone. 

So click the button below to secure your call so we can gather the information we need to get your brand to next level.

Your very own personalized Brand Elevation Assessment for 2019.

I’m so honored to have you read my letter today sis…
If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires. 

Look forward to speaking with you soon,

Fabienne xx

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